25 years discovering and helping young conductors from all over the world

Posted by Alberto Sampablo | Tuesday 27th June 2017 | Conducting Competition

The aim of the Cadaqués Orchestra International Conducting Competition is to discover and promote young conductors from all over the world.

The first competition was held in 1992 and the event is essentially biennial. The latest competition was planned for 2015 but was cancelled owing to the economic crisis. Fortunately, this twelfth competition will now be held in 2017. 

The main characteristics of the competition are as follows:

  • The fact that the orchestra counts as a member of the jury (with two votes)
  • A unique first prize that consists of conducting at least twenty different orchestras over a period three years
  • The existence of a preliminary round where pre-candidates conduct the Chamber Ensemble of the Cadaqués Orchestra
  • The fact that a work has been commissioned and premiered in each competition, with contemporary music taking a prominent role in the auditions
  • The fact that during the competition, the candidates are asked to conduct chamber works, a work for string orchestra, a work accompanied by a soloist, a contemporary work, and also symphonic repertoire.