Educational Project

Jove Orquestra de les Comarques Gironines

The Comarques Gironines' Youth Orchestra is one of the projects the Cadaqués Orchestra devotes more effort to and considers most important because it is seen as an investment for the future. The Cadaqués Orchestra is responsible for the organization of the meetings of the Youth Orchestra in conjunction with the Isaac Albéniz Conservatory of Music (administered by Girona Provincial Council) and the fourteen intermediate level music schools in the Girona region. For the full list see (link to section: jove orquestra comarques gironines 2009).

The purpose of this activity is to establish, in the medium term, solid and permanent mechanisms for cooperation between the music schools from all over the Girona region in order to achieve the following goals: 

  • Offer all the students in all the intermediate level music schools in the Girona region the opportunity to train in orchestral work with internationally renowned teachers.
  • Promote a stable network for music work in the Girona region by linking up all the intermediate and higher-level music schools.
  • Offer symphonic concerts at venues around Girona region.
  • Attract new audiences to symphonic music at the Girona Auditorium and other venues around the Girona region.
  • Involve students’ families.

Sponsored by

Diputació de Girona
Generalitat de Catalunya
Gobierno de España
Institut Ramón Llull